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Defense cracked version of the v2.2.24816.170725 version of the green free Defense software download crack | Defense cracked version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Defense software version Is a very powerful security software, security scanning Door, killing the Trojan virus, firewall On the integration of multiple functions, simple operation, repair technology strong, there is a need to download it quickly to green resources network!

Defense software introduction

The software to program behavior analysis technology, automatic intelligent Monitor System running status and action, combined with the virus behavior rules, automatically and accurately determine the traditional Anti-virus software The new virus is not recognized, automatic stop and effectively remove disease, so as to realize the active defense of the new virus. The automatic capture of new virus at the same time, defense software automatic extraction of new virus signatures, automatic upgrade The local virus database to achieve "capture, analysis, automatic upgrade.

 Defense cracked version

Defense software function

1. let the computer game, low resource, network more smoothly

2. no longer need to fill the loopholes in the system - active defense exploited by hackers to attack

3. no longer need to wait for the escalation of the virus - instant kill anti various unknown trojan and virus

4. no longer need to scan the entire hard disk active virus threat intercept analysis

Defense characteristics

The 1.API level virtual machine Shelling technology

2. dynamic heuristic based on virtual machine technology

3. sniffer heuristic scanning technology of virtual machine based on behavior

4. polymorphic virus removal technology based on virtual machine

The 5. virus killing countermeasure technique based on Characteristics

6. system repair technology of the core file to remove the Trojan / parasitic class

Defense advantage

Defense software based on program behavior analysis judgment technology, automatic analysis and judgment system in the process of the network access behavior. For the normal process of access to the network behavior, using the direct release strategy, reduce the complexity of judging unnecessary; for suspicious process to access the network behavior, defense software will pop up abnormal network access alarm window, ask the user whether to allow the process to access network. The intelligent firewall function greatly reduces the user's subjective judgment, but also reduce the user's panic.

Update log

1. to improve the program behavior independent analysis and judgments of technology, improve the Trojans, viruses and other harmful programs defense;

A 2. increase in the right key scan function;

3. of the main interface for a new revision, and increase the use of some of the features of the habit.

Software screenshot

Download address

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