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Table excel the latest version of the memory of Ebbinghaus Ebbinghaus excel download | Ebbinghaus memory table Excel The users score: 8

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Software introduction

What is Ebbinghaus? Ebbinghaus memory table Is a memory method of schedule, special exercises for memory to help users plan to upgrade their own method. Memory That makes learning more simple, users need to download fast green resources.

Ebbinghaus memory table Excel Brief introduction:

Ebbinghaus has been the memory method because of its good effect in everyone respected. Want to learn with the memory of Ebbinghaus law supervision, first you need to have a simple Ebbinghaus review form; today we recommend by love and learning to help the original review form, you only need to fill out the first day of the date and daily tasks can be generated automatically!

 Ebbinghaus memory table Excel

Table excel Ebbinghaus memory usage:

Sheet1 instructions

You fill in the date in the first column planning learning learning time. Such as learning time for the date, only need to fill out the start date in the A2 cell, the mouse click on the A2 cell to the lower right corner slide, when the mouse into a bold black cross, drag down until 30 days longer date.

In the second column on every day of the learning task arrangement. Please try to micromanage.

Click the third column cell C2 and mouse to the lower right corner of sliding into a bold black cross after double click, after will automatically fill the blanks. After several columns of practice. (if the column is filled with content before and after the five, you can omit this step.)

The completion of main supervision of each task, you can be a typesetting print out posted in a prominent position, a mark that each review.

SHEET2 instructions

In this work, you need to complete only the contents of the first column, the first copy of the first column of table here can. It is also convenient to fill in or directly.

You can get a completed schedule according to the time sequence learning table, the second column is the need for new learning content, the last column is the need to review the contents of all the day. Clear.

This table mainly supervise daily tasks, can also be printed out as a learning plan. Pay attention to select the CDEFG column in the printing time and right click to hide it, this print content more in line with the habit of reading.

Special tips:

Garbled document not, this is a normal phenomenon, when the content is not a complete.

A large number of document application formula, please do not arbitrarily change. In addition to the first table before the two column to fill in, the following columns need mouse movements, the second table in the first column to fill in this form, all other content are automatically generated.

The best advice will also print out two forms, positive and negative three pages, the rest of the blank page can be used to write a monthly plan and summary, comprehensive supervision of your learning situation. (sometimes the task was not completed because there is no time, but no detailed planning, always delay, to the end that can be completed, so it is best to refine, timely supervision)

Please try to print and not stored as electronic files, imagine clearly with the stroke side can solve the problem, you must open the Excel software marking, is really a waste of time.

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