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 Yuoku mobile phone _ Youku Youku video player download Youku client _ official download

Yuoku mobile phone _ Youku Youku video player download Youku client _ official download

Youku is one of China's leading video sharing website, founded in June 21, 2006 by Gu Yongqiang, Youku to "fast king" product concept, focus on user experience, and constantly improve the service strategy, the distinction of "quick play, quick release, quick search" product features, fully meet the user's growing diversified interactive demand. To become China's leading power in video website. has become the Internet making camp accumulation. EST on December 8, 2010, successfully officially listed on the New York stock exchange.

Youku has grown into the Internet making gathered through the camp, Youku upload their own video, as have the opportunity to become a network reds, in order to enhance the communication between users to enjoy a more smooth and convenient video playback experience, Youku is designed for mobile phones, PAD and PC developed by users can not only watch Youku client, including massive the high-definition TV shows, movies, variety, animation, music, video and other hot information, but also integrated video recommendation, search, playback, download, upload, transcoding, album management more powerful functions, in addition, Youku also developed other client products, including Youku shoot off, assistant, XL, Youku Youku Youku iDO, green resources are available for download, this page will be updated regularly as you remember the collection Youku client products, pay attention oh pro.

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