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 If the game _ fork assistant assistant download Apple version iPad download assistant _ fork

If the game _ fork assistant assistant download Apple version iPad download assistant _ fork

If the assistant is a focus on mobile platform game auxiliary technology fever independent R & D team, although the game is based on the technology of auxiliary jailbreak, ROOT high authority under the environment of niche technology, but do not limit the cross for game enthusiasts build colorful game world development space, it is composed of iOS jailbreak game auxiliary, experience the extension to the Android platform in the process, then optimize the existing technology, based on products, will be more efforts to provide interesting pork products, not limited to the existing form, I hope that we can continue to support the cross, deficiency of understanding, and to direct Tucao to cross, to keep the fork add energy!

The characteristics of the software
Universal management, a key to start
Automatic matching your mobile phone game if a key auxiliary assistant, a key to start the game. Farewell game group, scattered situation single game auxiliary. A more comprehensive control of their mobile phone game.
Super auxiliary, beyond the opponent
The most professional gaming team, to create the most comprehensive and convenient auxiliary game. Whether it is a card, cool running, racing... Let you can easily play the game, super fun opponent.
Mainstream coverage, real-time updates
The real-time tracking of the hottest, most mainstream games, instant support. According to the different versions of the game update auxiliary content, let you experience the "no time" games to assist the latest and best, the most extensive coverage of the.

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