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 Nora player _qvod player download _ fast 3.0/5.0/3.5 mobile phone

Nora player _qvod player download _ fast 3.0/5.0/3.5 mobile phone

Green Resources Network to provide the latest Nora player download Nora player, is based on the UDP protocol, the P4P accelerated streaming media VOD VOD system, Qvod player can also play BT seeds, users only need to buffer 1 minutes through the side receiving side to watch rich BT video, Nora completely solves the problem of long time to download BT. You only need to open the qvod file - > > player Nora BT seed file open (to find you can save the seed in the computer). The buffer is not more than 1 minutes to start watching it smooth. This page provides only the official Nora player free download, Please download the qvod player to see Nora BT video or QVOD video on demand.

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