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 Mobile phone banking client download Daquan _ client download mobile phone bank Agricultural Bank

Mobile phone banking client download Daquan _ client download mobile phone bank Agricultural Bank

Mobile phone bank is relevant banking business use of mobile communication network and terminal referred to as one of the network bank's derivative products, its superiority is embodied in the convenience of customers using mobile phone bank, no matter when and where are Can save the transaction in a timely manner, the ATM and the bank window waiting time. The bank can with convenient, efficient and relatively safe ways to provide traditional and innovative services, and the unique features of mobile personal terminal, to become a powerful tool after ATM, POS, Internet banking business, more and more international banks concerned. Green Resources Network Xiaobian here to provide you the bank's mobile phone banking client download, love with mobile phone for business users to download it!

What are the benefits of mobile phone bank?

1, a wide range of services, the application is simple

If your mobile phone can send and receive text messages, you can easily enjoy the services of mobile phone bank. You can through the ICBC China self-help website registered mobile phone bank, but also to the industrial and commercial bank outlets for registration, simple procedures.

2, rich, convenient and flexible

Through the mobile phone to send text messages, you can use the account inquiry, remittance, payment and payment of donations, such as eight service consumption. Moreover, mobile phone bank to provide more update services, you also need to replace the mobile phone or SIM card, you can automatically enjoy a variety of new services and functions. Chinese mobile phone banking transaction code is taken the first transaction name letters, easy to remember, you can also send text messages at any time "?" Use the method of query function.

3, safe and reliable, multiple protection

The bank by using a variety of ways to ensure the safety of your money. One is the mobile phone bank (SMS) information transmission and processing the encrypted transmission of international recognition, data security transmission and processing between the Realize Mobile Communications Corp and the bank, to prevent data theft or destruction; two is the customer through the mobile phone (SMS) of foreign bank transfer amount is strictly limited; three is the customer specified binding mobile phone number with the bank account, and set up a special payment password.

4, 7 x 24 hours service, real-time arrival of funds

No matter when and where you are, as long as you can send and receive text messages, immediately enjoy ICBC bank mobile phone (SMS) service all-weather 7 * 24 hours, transfers funds credited into account, payment, consumer payment in real time, all in the palm grip.

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