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 The United States Mission _ app download U.S. mobile phone client _ beauty group app group purchase

The United States Mission _ app download U.S. mobile phone client _ beauty group app group purchase

The United States Mission special integrated client downloads the U.S. mission network launched the all app applications, the field of beauty group, group purchase takeaway, hotels are doing well, believe a lot of people in the United States or group purchase, is the point of the meal, the app that you are very familiar with, the U.S. group app handheld group purchase group purchase every day. Constantly, is a mobile phone application for Master shopping. U.S. mobile phone client for those who love to eat and is home of the people, download the app absolute right. The other group app small will not repeat them, welcome to the topic you need to download the application.

The U.S. mission network

The establishment of 3 2010 years 4 day group purchase website. U.S. mission network has "a group, an American propaganda slogan. For consumers to find the most trusted business, let consumers enjoy low discount services; to find the most suitable for the consumer businesses, for businesses to provide the greatest benefit to promote the internet.

The U.S. mission network in the course of the whole operation, without any risk for businesses, if the consumer cooperative businesses interested in products, can visit the beauty group Netcom Alipay or UnionPay card pay orders, SMS password after consumers receive coupons meituan sent by SMS password directly to the consumer by consumer businesses, businesses rely on consumer coupons and group net settlement.

2014 Beauty Group annual turnover exceeded 460 billion yuan, representing an increase of more than 180%, the market share accounted for more than 60%.

U.S. mission network data show that 2014 12 single month trading volume reached 63 billion yuan, single day turnover more than 3 billion yuan, the market share accounted for, the U.S. group net market share of more than 60%, 7 percent 2013 53%.

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