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 Handheld bus app download Daquan _ Bus inquiries app_ bus real-time query app

Handheld bus app download Daquan _ Bus inquiries app_ bus real-time query app

Real time app bus is the main city of real-time bus arrival information query. No matter when and where, the user through the mobile phone, you can find the real position, to ride the bus from the train station and several stations, transfer program and other information, can be reasonably planned travel time, greatly shorten the waiting time.

Real time bus actually refers to the concept of bus arrival information, in each big city, generally we see "electronic bus stop", shown above, there are a few certain road car station, is the concept of real-time bus applied to life examples. At present, the application of real-time bus mobile phone there is a car coming, Tencent real-time bus, High German map, bus, car to the other day. With the rise of mobile Internet, real-time bus is no longer simply refers to the traditional sense of "electronic bus stop", which refers to more real-time bus mobile phone app, the user can connect to the Internet via mobile phone, real-time query the bus arrival information whenever and wherever possible, travel more convenient.


1, real-time query: query by mobile phone from the train station and several bus station real-time data, let you check that whenever and wherever possible the vehicle arrival time, not because the car upset;

2, bus transfer: in addition to line inquiry, site surrounding convenient bus query function, can easily search for any proposal to travel between the two places;

3, site positioning: the GPS precise positioning, the specific location to determine whether the application of the user, the surrounding site and through the display station name all bus route list, more easily get through the real-time status of the site of the line;

4, map mode: upcoming map display mode, peripheral location of the site location information, in the form of maps more intuitive display from their peripheral location of station distance, let you take some small road.

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