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 WiFi software which is easy to use _wifi software _wifi software computer version list

WiFi software which is easy to use _wifi software _wifi software computer version list

WIFI Wi-Fi, small or custom written WiFi, remember that time in the micro-blog on the pronunciation of this word sparked heated debate, Xiao Bian did not want to say a word. No matter it is read "micro fee", or "read crooked Fai", for the general public, that we all know, can make the mobile phone connected to the network, a little less astronomical traffic charges, is more important than what. When WiFi started, only connectify is well-known, but it is English, or charging software. In the Internet industry, 360 is always as a showstopper, at the time, 360 launched their hardware and software combination of 360 portable WiFi, Baidu resigned, immediately followed the introduction of small WiFi, and Kingsoft cheetah is another way, the computer version of the WiFi software from the angle, launched a pure software cheetah free WIFI that not only supports the notebook set WiFi hotspot, also supports several other WiFi products. No matter how tragic network giants fight, for those of us ordinary audience, easy to use, simple, stable, low cost, which is the key. Today Xiaobian take you a look at the WiFi software ranking above which of several software, their WiFi software which is easy to use.

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