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 Great wisdom, great wisdom _ Daquan app download mobile phone version _ great wisdom stock software

Great wisdom, great wisdom _ Daquan app download mobile phone version _ great wisdom stock software

Great wisdom securities information platform is a set for the securities market show that the market analysis, foreign exchange and futures information, and information time receive a super security information platform, at the same time. Securities and decision-making body for all sectors of the securities analysis, consulting, investment personnel, and pay special attention to the majority of investors use habits and feelings.

Large area of green resources in order to provide all wisdom wisdom mobile phone to download the client, contains great wisdom, great wisdom Android version of Apple App version download.

Great wisdom:

Great wisdom of the mobile phone version of the function:

With the full market view real-time quotes, online orders whenever and wherever possible
2. zishuagu information, stock price, price, exchange rate, intraday transaction real-time alerts
An analysis of the 3. stocks, free cash flow, single view transaction, transaction subject selection decision
28 kinds of color to buy 4. offer ball, Lotto, three, poker, three
5. A shares, Hong Kong stocks, silver, foreign exchange options trading, the Shanghai index, combat training, scholarships to encourage, stimulate users to enhance investment skills
6. the number of money makes it easy for you little advertising can get good returns

User reviews:

That when the volume histogram, buying and selling respectively with different colors. Don't be unified in the yellow line, specific reference to Oriental Wealth and flush, thank you

More securities company is good, now not all securities companies can trade here

Good use, just started when not used, feel much worse than the computer version, and later will be used, what those auxiliary lines are also very full ~ ~ like this one

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