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 ACDSee Chinese version free download _acdsee5.0 version _acdsee Green Edition

ACDSee Chinese version free download _acdsee5.0 version _acdsee Green Edition

ACDSee is one of the very popular viewing tool, it is also a professional image processing and editing tools, images can be zoom, adjust window size and the size of the picture with the full screen image browsing, and support GIF dynamic imaging. ACDSee green version also offers many image editing functions, including the conversion of several image formats, can use the file description to search for files, simple image editing, copy to the clipboard, rotate or trim image, set the desktop, and can be from the digital camera input image. ACDSee, cracked version is the most widely used plug-in tools software, most computer enthusiasts use it to browse pictures, it is characterized by strong support, it can open more than 20 kinds of image formats including ICO, PNG, XBM, and can quickly show their high quality, even the animation is very popular in image file in recent years, the Internet can use ACDSee to enjoy.

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