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My adorable goods font My body is free to download | adorable goods My adorable goods font The score: 8

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Software introduction

My adorable goods font Is an adorable adorable. Cartoon fonts . This font is completely free, the font shape is very cute, is used to design posters for children, Propaganda Painting. Can be installed and used in various systems, to Green Resources Network away!

My body preview below adorable goods:

 Adorable crazy body goods

Adorable font installation method of journeying goods:

1, Choice You have to download to install fonts, the downloaded font file compression decompression, and then copy the font file after decompression;

2, open the "my computer", "local disk C", "Windows", "Font" will just copy the font file to the Font folder in the paste; the system will automatically install;

3, well, now the fonts are installed, the following to call it; just open a text editor Such as, Word , Photoshop Isee, which has been found the font toolbar just installed fonts can be used.

Common problems in installing fonts:

1. why install the font in use when I can't find it?

Answer: some letters: for example Huakang series. They are listed as his pinyin code, you can download back double click a font can see the font name is what. Then use this font in the selection, please choose his Pinyin word, is your fonts.

2. why at the time of installation will appear "file corrupted"?

Answer: This is because the character and your system conflict (especially XP system, because there are many fonts before is developed in Win98 or earlier versions.)

3. why some font words do not come out to play?

Answer: some font must be in the traditional input case can play out. If the use of traditional Chinese Typewriting The input text is still not out, may be the font font is not complete, there is no way of typing the word.

Software screenshot

Download address

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