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Fzyhfw--gb1-0 font Fzyhfw GB1 0 font download | Fzyhfw--gb1-0 font The users score: 8

  • Software size: 2.9M
  • Software language: Chinese
  • Software type: domestic software
  • Software Categories: free software / founder font
  • Update: 2018-01-04
  • Software level: 4
  • Official website: no
  • Operating environment: WinAll, WinXP, Win7, Win8
  • Software vendors:

Software size: 2.9M

top Comments: 50% One
step on Bad review: 50 A step

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Software introduction

What is the fzyhfw font? Fzyhfw--gb1-0 font is the font of traditional arts are black, rigorous structure, shape and straight, vigorous momentum, beautiful and practical, green resources network and more creative fonts you download!

Fzyhfw GB1 0 font characteristics

1. are based on the retention of agricultural art bold calligraphy style features, integration of the design concept, the new structure of neat, stable center of gravity, uniform pencil specification, in order to achieve the modern reading needs, both decorative and functional.

2. founder inspired art blackbody in the Qing Dynasty calligrapher Jin Nong handwriting. McKinnon handwriting pen to potential, especially in both Li Kai, to participate in the official script Tangbei brushwork and style, makes the font simple and strong side, look handsome.

 Fzyhfw--gb1-0 font

The fzyhfw font installation instructions

1, click on the fzyhfw font, you can choose to install directly.

2, the font is copied to the C:\Windows\Fonts folder to complete the installation.

Software screenshot

Download address

Fzyhfw--gb1-0 font

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