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Software introduction

Headline a font Is a Apple Corp launched by English font, Font design Fine, commonly used as a title, the green resources network to provide free headlinea. Ttf font Download address!

Font classification

Optical font [], is a trick photography and printing network technology principle of cutter;

[ Calligraphy font ], Glyph of lively freedom, display style and personality characteristics;


[line] font, font characteristics are almost equal by lines;

[font] decoration, for a variety of fonts for decoration design, change processing, striking, expressive artistic effect!

Headlinea is the font installation method

[method]: Windows 7 already supports double-click directly installed fonts, you only need to click on the need to install the font in the font file, open interface, click on the top of the "Install" button, you can use the font installed in your system.

[method] 2: decompression you download fonts, open the "my computer" - "C" - "WINDOWS" - "Fonts", the TTF or TTC file copy and paste into the Fonts folder you can use.

Software screenshot

Download address

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