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Software introduction

PR font library Is the Green Resources Network Xiaobian for everyone to carefully organize the adobe Premiere Chinese fonts commonly used software, including founder font, Annie font So, need friends can download free green resource network!

 Premiere Chinese font package

The premiere font package installation method

Method: direct copy fonts to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts;

Method two: control panel / font / file / install new font;

Method three: according to the win7 system, users simply select the font right click install.

Common problem

1. why at the time of installation will appear "file corrupted"?

Answer: This is because the character and your system conflict (especially XP system, because there are many fonts before is developed in Win98 or earlier versions of the. )

2. why install the font in use when I can't find it?

Answer: some letters: for example Huakang series. They are listed as his pinyin code, you can download back double click a font can see the font name is what. Then in Choice Use this font, please choose his Pinyin word, is your fonts.

3. why some font words do not come out to play?

Answer: some font must be in the traditional input case can play out. (for example, if you use a font such as Jin Mei) traditional Typewriting The input text is still not out, may be the font font is not complete, there is no way of typing the word.

Matters needing attention

The font resources for personal learning and reference, if necessary business Please use the official website of the relevant authority.

The official introduction of Premiere software

Adobe Premiere Pro software will be excellent performance, excellent Beauty Improved together with the user interface and many wonderful creative features, including Stabilizer and Warp for dynamic stability of material time axis The cutting and extension of the multi machine adjustment layer editing, etc..

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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