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Software introduction

Software label: Jkaton Mini font

What is the jkaton font? Jkaton regular font is a free mini. Cartoon fonts That can be used for animation related Propaganda Advertising design posters or children's theme, there is a need to download collection!

Font design Creative method

(a) shaping pencil

(two) transform structure

 Jkaton font

(three) recombinant pen

(four) transform pen

(five) the structure of image superposition

(six) the relationship between changes of black and white area

The jkaton font installation method

Step one: font library installed into a computer system, any desktop font menu can be invoked and displayed on the screen.

Step two: Windows system: the font file is copied to the C:\WINDOWS\Fonts folder (Win7 above version selected file, right-click can be directly installed).

Step three: MAC OS system: click on the menu bar - to - > > Application - > font book, the font file is copied to the font book can be.

Software screenshot

Download address

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