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Microsoft YaHei The latest version of the font ttf Is a very classic font support, Chinese, English and Arabia digital input technique in elegant, the scope is very broad, like the friends quickly download experience to green resources network!

Microsoft YaHei Font ttf

Microsoft YaHei is the Microsoft Corp commissioned China design Founder Electronics Co., a comprehensive technical support of ClearType fonts. Monotype company is responsible for the font Hinting. It belongs to the type of OpenType, the file name is MSYH.TTF, Font design Belong to Sans Serif And black. This font of each word cost around $100. The family also includes "Microsoft YaHei Bold" (in BOLD), the file name is MSYHBD.TTF. This is not only the common character of bold bold, but in specific strokes were processed, and is therefore an independent font. Microsoft YaHei released together with the simplified version of Windows Vista Chinese, Windows Vista is the default font. In addition, Microsoft Office 2007 simplified Chinese version also comes with this font.

 The latest version of Microsoft YaHei font

Microsoft YaHei encoding

In the Microsoft YaHei font on the cover, support the GBK character set, containing all 20902 Chinese characters of Unicode and China National standard About 80 Chinese character organization added, also contains the Chinese character Big5 traditional characters and simplified Chinese in GB2312.

Microsoft YaHei font.

Microsoft Ya blackbody is a new supporting technology of ClearType Chinese interface display font surfaced, this is Microsoft elegant black.

This font is a sans serif bold new, its shape slightly flat and full, simple strokes and stretch, easy to read. The font ClearType technology in the fresh and beautiful really impressive. At the same time, Microsoft also paid a high price for this new font. "The cost of this font of each word at around $100, according to incomplete Statistics In China, the dictionary, words included more than 20 thousand Chinese characters".

Microsoft YaHei font characteristics

1. separate bold design.

2. excellent display quality italic.

3. more clearly trumpet Word display.

4. for the most commonly used name.

Figure 5. is more beautiful and modern design.

How to install Microsoft YaHei font

The first step: the first to download the decompression copy font file msyh.ttf to c:\windows\fonts, so Windows XP text editing tools can be called YaHei, or win7 and Vista directly click msyh.ttf. The installation can be, for example, open Notepad The program click format, font, and font list Choice "Ms" can be used to. Figure:

 Microsoft YaHei font Win7 official version

The second step: we can replace the Windows XP theme files will be Ms into the system default font, but according to the actual test, YaHei font in XP and many programs are not compatible, it is not recommended to replace the theme, and using the black theme, it will replace the above installed VistaCHS theme". We'd better right-click the desktop and select properties, switch to the "appearance", click the advanced button, all can set the font font settings for the project "Ms".

Tip: to make this show better effect, you can set the window in the "appearance", click "effect" button, open the settings Dialog box Check ", use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" option, and click the settings of the drop-down button, select the "clear" project from the drop-down list in the pop-up, finally click OK to exit.

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