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Small founder mark song font TTF official version simplified The founder of small scale song simplified font download | Founder mark song official simplified small fonts The score: 8

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Software introduction

The founder of small scale song simplified what font? Small founder mark song how to download? If you need to install downcc, provide free small founder mark song simplified to download the official version, TTF format! The font to use a very wide range!

The founder of small scale song simplified installation tutorial

A Windows XP installation method

Method: Extract the green resources network download fonts, open the "my computer" - "C", "WINDOWS", "Fonts", the TTF or TTC file copy and paste into the Fonts folder you can use.

 The founder of small scale song simplified

Methods two: 1, download the font decompress, Choice In C, D disk or E disk (DOWNCC small new D disk) inside a new folder named "font", click "start", "Settings", "control panel" - "font", click "font" (you can also directly open the "my computer" - "C" - "WINDOWS" - "Fonts"), will open System font Folder。 Then click the "file" - "installing new fonts".

 Founder <a href= song simplified small standard Font download "Src=" "width=" 450 "height=" 338 "style=" border: 0px; width: 450px; height: 338px; "border=" 0 "hspace=" 0 "vspace=" 0 "title=" are small standard song simplified "/ >

2, then select your newly "font" folder where the disk, in the pop-up window, double-click the folder folder font will be displayed on the font list, click OK to install the selected font, the font is installed well.

 Founder mark song download the official simplified small font

Two, the windows 7 installation methods

Method: Windows 7 has been installed directly double-click support fonts, you only need to click on the need to install the font in the font file, open interface, click on the top of the "Install" button, you can use the font installed in your system.

This method is suitable for the installation of a single font file, the benefits that can be directly to the style of the font preview.

Methods two: This method is applicable to don't want to put the fonts installed to the system tray friends, installation method is recommended for the installation of the garden, just in the fonts folder inside the system disk to create a shortcut, basically do not occupy space.

1. press Win + R open run dialog box, enter fonts, you can open the fonts folder.

2. click on the left side of the font, font settings in the open window, "setup" option in check "to allow the use of shortcuts to install fonts (Advanced)" option, click "OK" button.

3. open your font folder, select to install the font, click the right mouse button on the window, you will see the following:

 Small founder mark song download simplified

Select a shortcut to install, can be installed fonts to shortcuts to the system tray, if you select the "Install", will be copied to the system font disc. This method is suitable for batch install fonts, to engage in the design of friends garden is strongly recommended not to the font directly installed in the system tray.

In operation will find Windows 7 installed fonts than the XP system a lot of convenience, such as encountered in the installation when the font is already installed or damaged fonts, the window will pop up prompt:

 The founder of small scale song simplified TTF Download

Software screenshot

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Love love font font

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I just need this font, found here, support.

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