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 Common file types Daquan _ file extension _ file format Daquan Daquan
file format Format Icon The format of
Mpg file How to open mpg files Mpg is a common video format, the following five main MPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 etc.. It is possible that mpg based on MPEG-1 (VCD) or MPEG-2
torrent file How to open torrent files Torrent file (extension.Torrent) contains some BT to download information, according to the BitTorrent protocol, file publisher will provide a.Torren according to the published file generation
M4a file How to open m4a files With Apple's iPhone mobile phone and tablet iPad, makes the iPhone support and iPad in the m4a file format is now popular. M4A is a MPEG-4 audio standard file extension. In MP
CAB file How to open cab files Cab is a compression format, if you want to extract the files, you need to borrow the decompression software, but some are encrypted, compressed program is generally not open. Usually the system comes with Extract
DPS file How to open DPS files Open the DPS file method is very simple, you can directly open the WPS, if you have installed WPS, you can directly open it with MicrosoftOffice in Powerpoint. I open the method is as follows:
FRP file How to open FRP files The FRP file is a rare electronic document, a lot of friends in the online questions, want to know how to open the FRP file. Editorial recommendation we use FRP format reader, dedicated to open the FRP file, under the
WMV file How to open WMV files The WMV file contains both audio and video part. Part of the use of WindowsMediaVideo video encoding, WindowsMediaAudio encoding the audio part. As a high compression rate,
Mov file How to open mov files MOV QuickTime video format, it is a kind of audio and video file format developed by Apple company, is used to store the common digital media type. When QuickTime (*.mov) as the "save
Tar file How to open tar files Tar is Unix and Unix file system packing tool, multiple files can be merged into a file package file name is also tar". Tar represents the uncompressed tar file. Has been pressing
RM file How to open RM files The RM format is a streaming video file format developed by RealNetworks company, which mainly includes RealAudio, RealVideo and RealFlash in three parts. According to the number of RealMedia network
Ogg file How to open Ogg files It can be compared to Ogg MP3 at relatively low data rate to achieve better sound quality than MP3. Although the Ogg format audio files in the sound and the MP3 file format, but is used by ogg
TGA file How to open TGA files TGA format (TaggedGraphics) by the United States Truevision company for the display of an image file format card development, the suffix ".Tga", has been on the international industrial graphics and image
CGI file How to open CGI files CGI is a script file common gateway interface, make the web interactive function. Now our personal home page generally has a message of this, speaking of this message, what is it working? First´╝î
DIC file How to open DIC files The DIC file is the dictionary file, the fixed file format, typically used to open the dictionary software, so you must use a dictionary to open the software itself, and the general application of self
DWG file How to open DWG files DWG - a common format, a file format drawings created by AutoCAD, has become the standard format of two-dimensional CAD, many other CAD for compatibility with AutoCAD, but also directly use DWG as the default.
IMG file How to open img files Downloaded from the Internet a lot of image file is usually img format, because the storage medium ISO can only use ISO9660 compression and UDF two file system, that is to say ISO can only be used to compress the CD or
AAC file How to open AAC files AAC format audio files is a lossy compression, but compared to other audio file format, it has high compression ratio, with smaller file size for higher quality, can provide up to 48
FLAC file How to open flac files The main difference between FLAC and MP3 is a lossy audio format, FLAC is lossless compression, FLAC, ape and CD near lossless format is the compression without loss in quality under the. FLAC compressed encoding
bmp file How to open BMP files BMP is widely used in the field of image file format, the application can quickly read BMP file format, which is where the advantages of BMP file format picture. BMP is Window.
DXF file How to open DXF files DXF AutoCAD (DrawingInterchangeFormat or DrawingExchangeFormat) Drawing Exchange file. DXF is developed by Autodesk for the AutoCAD and other software.
MDS file How to open MDS files MDS is an image file, and SQLServer database files, can be used to open the virtual CD-ROM, recommend the use of daemon or Alcohol can directly open burning. While MDS and MDF
EPS file How to open EPS files EPS is the abbreviation of EncapsulatedPostScript, is the standard format for cross platform, a dedicated printer description language can describe the information vector and bitmap information. As a standard format for cross platform,
MDF file How to open MDF files A MDF file name suffix belongs to the image file, can use virtual CD-ROM to load operation. Usually use BT or larger document download games or other P2P software, especially in the online stream
Xls file How to open XLS files XLS is a MicrosoftExcel worksheet is a very popular spreadsheet format. Xls files can be opened using MicrosoftExcel, Microsoft also for users who do not have to install Excel
TIF file How to open TIF files TIFF in any color depth of a single grating image storage. TIFF can be considered to be the most supported graphics file format in printing industry. TIFF supports optional compression, does not apply to the Web browser
XML file How to open XML files A lot of software will contain some XML files, this is actually a kind of extensible markup language file that is used to mark it with a structured electronic document markup language, usually can not directly open.
EML file How to open EML files EML is a common format for an e-mail software. It is used in a Microsoft Corp in Outlook following RFC822 and its subsequent expansion of file format. Many people will meet in the office all the time
Mdb file How to open MDB files Many users have not used the mdb file, but do not know this is what format. MDB is a file format of Access database, with the general ACCESS can directly open it, of course, can also be used to do
Rmvb file How to open RMVB files RMVB formerly known as RM format, early RM format video online play was once popular in the network, in order to optimize the volume and picture quality, was born out of the RMVB format. At present, the most widely used video in PC
PDF file How to open PDF files From the Internet to download a FDF file format, never before seen this type of file format, do not know how to open. After I know a bit which is another PDF file format

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