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Software introduction

CT FM On.exe Computer is the essential of a document, it can help you solve your own computer Typewriting Can not be used or lost, but without the cumbersome installation, just download decompression can be used directly, every minute can help you solve the problem, very convenient and practical, a friend in need to download network using green resources!

The ctfmon.exe file is introduced

Ctfmon.exe repair tool is to repair the virus infection or manslaughter ctfmon.exe files, ctfmon.exe repair tool to repair the virus or malicious files associated with the image file ctfmon.exe file. When the input method in the lower right corner suddenly gone, this tool is very easy to be able to put out the new input method, simple and practical, you deserve!

 Free download ctfmon.exe file

Ctfmon.exe is a part of the Microsoft Office product suite, is an executable program for input method. It can be Choice The user text input program, Microsoft Office and XP language. This is not a pure system program, but if the termination of it, may result in unpredictable problems. In addition, ctfmon.exe may be infected and become a Trojan virus program.

Ctfmon.exe repair tools:

There are plenty of discussion that stop the Ctfmon process on the network, but in Windows Vista, windows 2008, Windows 7, Ctfmon process will cause the lack of input method is not normal behavior, often users suddenly unable to open the input, according to the first word space type input word of the optional the situation, just press the space, which is switched to English input method.

In this case, you can still use the number keys to select the input text.

The solution is to restart the Ctfmon process. The method is:

1. Click on the start menu, select "run".

The input: ctfmon.exe

Button, click on the "run".

Turn on the computer, the input method not found. Enter the C:\WINDOWS\system32 ctfmon.exe file not found.

This site provides xp/2003 and other versions for you to download the download package.

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