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Software introduction

Software label: Jscript.dll DLL

Jscript.dll Is part of the software in Windows system is necessary DLL file When prompted, "your computer fault module jscript.dll" or "jscript.dll failure", will need to download the DLL files in the opposite directory can fix these problems.


Jscript.dll file system is an important system file stored in the Windows folder, usually is automatically created during the installation of the operating system in the process, is essential for the normal operation of the system. Not recommended for users of the class file under normal circumstances (jscript.dll) random modification. It has an important role to maintain the stability of computer systems.

The jscript.dll file is missing the main symptoms

1, games and other applications can not run normally

2, open the application prompts when the DLL file is missing

Deletion of the DLL prompt pop 3, system operation


Jscript.dll File repair Method

1, unzip the downloaded file.

2, copy the file "jscript.dll" to the system directory.

3, the general system directory: C:\WINNT\System32 64 bit system for C:\Windows\SysWOW64

At the end of 4, click the start menu -- > -- > input Regsvr32 jscript.dll after the operation, enter the error can be resolved.

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