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Software label: D3dx9 DLL file

D3dx9_30.dll 64 bit and 32 bit computer system is not missing a file. In the game you used to solve the lack of this file, download after decompression, installation method in accordance with the Green Resources Network Xiaobian operation can be! Love is to Green Resources Network Download experience!


D3dx9_30.dll, when running the program or game, the system can not find any errors or d3dx9_30.dll "is not found, the lack in your system DLL file Or the DLL file has not been registered, you need to download the file to extract the corresponding directory and register it.


D3dx9_30.dll where?

Unzip the package 1.

2. "d3dx9_30.dll" copy to the system directory

Windows 95/98/Me system, this file will be copied to the C:Windows\System directory.

Windows NT/2000 system, this file will be copied to the C:WINNT\System32 directory.

Windows XP/WIN7 system, this file will be copied to the C:Windows\System32 directory.

64: back to System64.

3. and then open the "start - run - input Regsvr32 d3dx9_30.dll, enter" can solve the error!

DLL file in computer system:

1. the use of fewer resources

When multiple programs use the same function library, the amount of DLL can reduce the repeated loading on the disk and physical memory code. It can not only greatly affect the running in the foreground program, but also can greatly affect the other running on the Windows operating system program.

2. promotion of modular architecture

The development of DLL will help promote the modular program. This can help you develop that require multiple language versions of major programs or requires a modular architecture program. An example of a modular program is provided with a plurality of accounting program can be dynamically loaded modules at runtime.

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