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Word What is the What is the role of 该文件是word的默认模版,里面保存着你经常使用的宏,快捷键,样式等数据,如果出现“normal.dot加载失败”或者“normal.dot损坏”或者“normal.dot错误”就会导致word文件加载失败,你可以来绿色资源网下载该文件进行修复! solution

1 methods, tools and options file location, white box "user template" behind a file path, open the folder, you can delete the (see no third)

2, click "start", in the "run", type "winword /a" to start word, at this time will not open Dialog box There will be another word document, save it, will be prompted whether to replace, then the word with a new template to replace the damaged, Choice Is.

Methods 3 C:\Documents and Settings\ \Application, find the user name Data\Microsoft\Templates, find the NORMAL file here can be deleted. The username is your computer account name.

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