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GDAL is a variety of raster data format conversion. Including reading, writing, conversion, processing a variety of raster data formats (some specific format for some operations such as writing does not support). It uses a single abstract data model to support most of the raster data (GIS of raster, vector, abstract ability of 3D data model is really marvelous). Of course, in addition to grid operation, the library also includes another famous library ogr vector data (GIS data conversion vector) so that the library at the same time, the ability of operation of raster and vector data,

At present, ogr can support data formats including

Arc/Info Binary Coverage, DWG ESRI, Personal GeoDatabase, ArcSDE, ESRIShapefile, GML, GRASS, Mapinfo File, Microstation DGN, ODBC, Oracle and Spatial

PostgreSQL. It should be said that this basically includes our normal vector type GIS all file formats.

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