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Software introduction

Msvcr71msvcp71dll is when the system prompts "msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll lost" repair tool to make your system or program can run normally, need a friend invited to download it a collection of green resources!

This file

Msvcp71.dll is an important file stored in Windows folder, usually is automatically created during the installation of the operating system in the process, is essential for the normal operation of the system.

Msvcr71.dll is an important document, must file operating system C. Also some software (such as software, game player software etc.) of the necessary documents. Msvcr71. DLL file Damage will cause the software or system can not run normally.

Usage method

1. in the green resources network to download and unzip the file

2. directly copy the file to the system directory.

The Windows 7 system, copied to the C:\Windows\System32\ directory

Windows XP system, copied to the C:\Windows\System32\ directory

Windows NT/2000 system, copied to the C:\WINNT\System32\ directory

Windows 95/98/Me system, copied to the C:\Windows\System\ directory

3. and then open the "start - run - input Regsvr32 msvcr71.dll, enter" can solve the error

Password: Xo7z

Software screenshot

Download address

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