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Download help

  • Most of the software of green resources network is green software. After downloading and installation, anti-virus software is detected, no installation, downloading and decompression can be used.
  • Most of the software in green resource web is WinRAR Compression, please download the user after using WinRAR decompression, after decompression, find the directory of the software, run the main program can be used.
  • The download location of the green resource network software is located below the software introduction, and is located in the middle of the page. Users can conveniently download the software when they enter the site.
  • Green resource network download support: right mouse button "save target", or right-click to download the software using "thunder download" (download tools).
  • Some large software (such as 100M or above) is recommended for you to use. Thunder Download can achieve the best download speed.
  • If you still can't download the suggestion, you report us wrong or notify our webmaster so that we can do better.
  • The green resource network collects and downloads part of the mobile phone software. The mobile phone tool software is downloaded to the computer through the green resource network, and then can be installed and uploaded through the data connection to the mobile phone after decompression.
  • The green resource network has collected some e-books downloaded. The suffix named.Pdf must be opened by using PDF reader, which can be downloaded at this station. Foxit PDF Reader (Foxit PDF reader) Green Edition After running pdf2010.exe, you can open the PDF e-book.
  • To judge whether a software is good or bad, users should refer to user reviews or software reviews. You are also welcome to comment on your own views on software.
  • If there is anything else, please contact green resource network administrator.