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Software release

  • Green Resources Network abide by the "copyright law" and "the first authorized to use" the basic principle, protects the rights and interests.
  • You can submit your software released to the site, but you must not guarantee provided by the software is likely to harm the country, green resources network and the interests of others (such as viruses, Trojans and other procedures). If we decide included, we will in the shortest time to complete the post and reply to inform you.
  • We included the release of the software is in your website publishing software Home Page Have on the front page of our website links
    Text link code: Green Resources Network
  • If you do the Green Resources Web page connection, please you to release the software and other information required to release information to tell us (, please # to email address, Fu) we'll do a static HTML page for your web page in your software, software release details at the same time and download connection point to your site, we will take you to submit the software into our most appropriate directory recommended to the user.
  • You can use the following two try to submit your software or APP or game to green resources network:

    1, please add software developers - 346696097 QQ group: will you send us information online software to help you add.

    2, please send your software following information sent to the mailbox:

    A, software name; B, C software, software version; size; D, required software system requirements (XP, Vista); E, free software (currently only included the free software F), software download address; G, H, software screenshots; brief introduction; I and J, the author introduced in detail; please write one of websites to our email, we will publish your software for the first time.

  • Green resources network software included in standard specification?
  • (1), with the bundled software, virus, home behavior software not included.

    (2), charges for sharing software does not provide software not included.

    (3), motion or closed bomb non official website (such as electricity supplier website, navigation) or bomb set home box not included.

    (4), mobile phone positioning and tracking software, ID card inquiry, mobile phone number acquisition software not included.

    (5), hacking software, network game plug-in is not included.

    (6), software and non official software not included (such as cooperative extension package).

    The game software submission format

    Software name: 360 security guards to install simplified Chinese version V7.2