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Software release

  • The green resource web must abide by the basic principle of "first empower and reuse" in the copyright law, and safeguard the rights and interests of the obligee.
  • You can submit your software to this station, but you must ensure that the software provided is not a program that can damage the country, the green resource network and other people's interests (such as viruses, Trojan horses, etc.). If we decide to include it, we will complete the announcement and reply to you in the earliest possible time.
  • Our software is released on the website of your publishing software. Home Page We need to have links to the home page of our website.
    The text link code is: Green resource network
  • If you have completed the link of the Green Resources Web page, please tell us the software information you want to release and other information that need to be published. (, please change it into email address symbol), we will make a static HTML web page for your software. There is a detailed introduction and download link between your software and your website. We will submit the software you submitted to our most appropriate catalogue to recommend to the user.
  • You can submit your software or APP or game to the green resource network by:

    Please send the following information of your software to the mailbox:

    A, software name; B, software version; C, software size; D, software requirements (XP, Vista, etc.); E, software free (currently only included free software) F, software download address; G, software screenshots; H, brief introduction; I, detailed introduction; G, author website, please write to our mailbox, we will release your software at the first time.

  • Green Resources Web Software Standard Specification?
  • (1) software with binding software, virus and home page behavior is not included.

    (2) sharing software is not included in trial software.

    (3) no official web pages such as electronic commerce website, web site navigation, or home page dialog box are included.

    (4) mobile phone location tracking software, ID card inquiry, mobile phone number acquisition software is not included.

    (5) hacker attack software and online game plug-ins are not included.

    (6) cracking software and unofficial software is not included (such as cooperation promotion package).

    Software game submission format

    Software name: 360 security guard V7.2 simplified Chinese installation version