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Copyright statement

[green] \ \ resource network statement

1, [ Green Resources Network All the software and data are on the software author and provide users recommend collected, only to learn and study. If the violation of your copyright, please write and pointed out that the site will be immediately corrected.

2, visit [ Green Resources Network The user must understand, " Green Resources Network To provide download software does not have any right, the copyright belongs to the download resources of the legitimate owners of all.

3. Green Resources Network To ensure all downloadable resources provided by the station (software) is provided "as is" and we do not make any changes; but this website does not guarantee the accuracy, security and integrity of the site provides resources to download; at the same time the site will not bear the user due to the use of these resources to download their own and others caused by the loss or damage of any kind.

4, without [ Green Resources Network Clear permission], no person shall be a link to this site to download resources may not copy or imitation of this website. This website for its own development and the common development of all the others or the content, technology and service with all the intellectual property rights, no person shall be harmed or destroyed, is not allowed to use.