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Cooperative advertising

The station was built in 2009 December, is a specialized technology for the size of website and resource service website, has now opened a software download, technical articles, daily visits over 300 thousand, and maintain a steady growth trend, access to users of the base are web design and production personnel. With high skill, high quality and high consumption.

Matters needing attention:

One Advertising does not provide the trial, the first payment and payment account after start advertising.

2. this station is not responsible for the advertising pictures, please bring your own pictures!

3. advertising prices will not regularly adjusted, on the same day the prices prevail.

The 4. is shown above the advertised price for 1 months, more than a month on the appropriate preferential, delivery date should not exceed 3 months.

5. this station is a personal website, advertising not invoice!

6. this station does not accept pornography, gambling, and other political advertising in violation of the law!

7. advertising expired please 5 days renewals, existing advertising the station has the right to accept reservations, booking payment confirmation, the oral agreement is invalid!

In order not to affect the performance of professional users access, on this site, the station advertising is not much, little advertising can bring better publicity to you.

The various forms of advertising, in the premise of not affecting the visitors we will do our best to meet the needs of advertisers!

ALEXA global ranking:

Types of advertisement:

1, the home page or the station at the top of 468x60

2, the home page or screen 468x60 total station

3, the home page or screen 960x45 total station

4, home page or the total text ads

Have common standard advertising specifications, other position and price welcome contact us.

The station did not receive any advertising, not profitable website, sorry!